Snezhana Todorova: Kiril Vishinsky's arrest in Ukraine is an inadmissible attack

18.05.2018 /15:18 | Източник: UBJ Големина на шрифт: a a    Отпечатай:

The  indictment of state treason can  be compared only with the dramatic persecution of Turkish or Palestinian journalists thrown behind the bars, said the UBJ Managing Board Chair, on the  occasion of the arrest in Kiev of Kiril Vishinski. The journalist  is a head of the news agency RIA "Novosti Ukraine" and the  accusation of treason against him  is on the basis of pronounced positions in his publications.

Mrs. Snezhana  Todorova stated the following: 

„The Union of Bulgarian Journalists has repeatedly raising a voice in defense of our colleagues in Turkey who have been jailed because of their journalistic work. Likewise, we always support the rights of the Palestinian journalists in Israeli jails and the rights of all our colleagues in the world,  repressed for their free speech.

At the same time, we have always firmly defended the freedom of the speech in our country – Bulgaria. Mrs. Todorova underlined, that „with the same firmness, we are now reacting sharply and  condemning the assault by the authorities in Ukraine against the head of the news agency RIA "Novosti Ukraine" Kiril Vishinsky”.

“He was totally unjustifiably charged with treason on the basis of pronounced positions in his publications and some materials of  his agency. Vichinski's colleague is still  in anticipation of a lawsuit. He is reminded that, in the context of the Crimean and Donbass, he expressed views, different  than the official line of the Ukrainian authorities. And from there it is concluded that he has promoted Russia's positions.

This is more than controversial because the opinion of a large part of the Ukrainian journalism is, that -  as a head of RIA "Novosti Ukraine" -  Kiril Vishinsky has kept reflecting the whole variety of points of view on all issues. But even to accept that he personally expressed opinion, close to Russian assessments of neuralgic events and processes, does his journalist's right not include the free overlapping of his personal position? 

This extremely worrying case can only be compared with the dramatic persecutions of Turkish or Palestinian journalists.

That is why we are convinced that the entire international journalist’s community should react with an acute condemnation of the assault on Cyril Vishinsky and are  insisting the rights and freedoms of journalists to be respected all over the world, including in Ukraine.

We are joining the position of the International Federation of Journalists, whose active member is UBJ. The Federation condemned the arrest of the colleague Kiril Vishinski and urged the Ukrainian authorities to release him immediately.

IFJ Secretary-General Anthony Bellanger said clearly:

"Freedom of the press is guaranteed, in particular, by the Chapter 34 of the Ukrainian Constitution, as well as by the Chapter 10 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. In a democratic country it is unacceptable to be put in custody journalists, who carry out their professional duty to inform the society." 

May 17, 2018


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