Snezhana Todorova: The attack against journalists is an attack against all of us

29.07.2018 /18:35 | Източник: UBJ Големина на шрифт: a a    Отпечатай:

On the occasion of the unacceptable calls made by the Monitor and Telegraph - newspapers to "clear" bTV from journalists, such as Svetoslav Ivanov, Editor of the “120 Minutes” Broadcast in the same TV, the Chairwoman of the UBJ Ms. Snezhana Todorova declared  the following:

We are witnessing yet another outrage against the freedom of speech and fundamental rights of journalists. The scandalous appeal of bTV to journalists, such as Svetoslav Ivanov, the 120-Minute Leading Editor, was issued by the well-known Delian Peevsky’s media Monitor and Telegraph just because he "dared" to ask an "inconvenient" question to the executive director of  the "New Boyana Movies" Jarib Lerner.

Svetoslav Ivanov, a respected colleague who is the winner of the UBJ “Golden Feather Award” , asked Yariv Lerner in the same broadcast whether he is worried that "some of the media are burdened with a lot of negatives over the years, they are suspected of quite political addictions, and if they dont served as a means of defamation with very inconvenient, political and economic opponents. "Svetoslav Ivanov added that "this is something that has been found by large international organizations, and also by Bulgarian society".

The guest of the broadcast answers "Yes", at the same time he seems worried, reports that a feasibility study is still going on, "the deal will not be finalized soon, we still have a lot of work to do".  

And afterwards followed Peevsky's media appeal for "cleansing" by journalists like Svetoslav Ivanov. 

I consider such brutal attacks are scandalous and absolutely unacceptable in a democratic, EU-member state that claims to respect freedom of speech! This attack contains an unambiguous challenge directly to our colleague Svetoslav Ivanov, whose professionalism has long been appreciated highly – said Ms. Todorova.

But here we also äre seeing a blow to the free speech, to the rights of journalists, to all of us, to the whole of society, to the foundations of democracy! 

The UBJ Managing  Board has already made a clear Statement about the intolerable situation surrounding the invasion against Bulgarian journalism and about the poisonous media environment, in which, along with the persecution against our colleagues, we witnessed the early adoption of the notorious Peevsky Media Act.

More than an year ago, the Union of Bulgarian  Journalists submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Media Legislative initiatives to protect journalists' rights and transparent media financing and property. 

The replacement is scandalous! We unambiguously named our Statement "Stop the mockery with Bulgarian journalism!". We held a discussion on these hot topics on July 12, involving many authoritative colleagues.  

But the mockery doesn’t stop! 

We are embarrassed by the current attack on Svetoslav Ivanov and we are pressing for the urgent move of our Legislative initiatives that really serve to protect the rights of journalists and the free speech, underlined Ms. Snezhana Todorova.


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