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Union of  Bulgarian Journalists/UBJ/ is the largest and most authoritative journalist’s organization  in Bulgaria.  The Union is a voluntary association of Bulgarian journalists to protect their own professional, social and trade union rights and interests. The UBJ activity is targeted at the free exercise of the right to seek, receive and impart information, the right of free expression and dissemination a wareness, as well as the  prevention of censorship.



The main goals of the Bulgarian Union of  Journalists are as follows:

1.Promotion and enhancing the role of professional journalism in the society; 2.Adherence to professional standards and rules of professional ethics; 3.Providing and protection the media freedom, independence and autonomy; 4.                     Expressing the common interests of Bulgarian journalists to the government, municipal and business authorities and all other bodies in Bulgaria and abroad; 5.Development and expanding the international cooperation in the field of professional journalism.



TheGoverning body of  UBJ is the Managing Board. The number of all members of the UBJ are about 4500 journalists, united in 156 societies all over the country. The real acting journalists, member of the UBJ are about 1800. Members of UBJ  are also freelancers, retired media-workers, students of journalism etc. About 200 new candidates are applying every year for membership in UBJ.



Еvery year, on the occasion of November  1st - the Day of Bulgarian Revival Leaders, UBJ handed the Annual journalism awards,as well as the  highest prize "The Golden Pen". With celebrations -  under the auspice of UNESCO -  in 2014 Union of Bulgarian Journalists marked 170 years Bulgarian journalism and  120 years organized journalistic movement in the country




Union of Bulgarian Journalists has established contractual relationships with journalists associations from 51 countries of the world. The priorities of the international activities  has always been the relations and cooperation with journalists'unions from the EU-member states and the Balkan countries. UBJ was a partner in several joint projects with the Union of Journalists of Northern Greece, basedinThessalonikiq Serbia, Romania etc. The projects has been was granted by the trans-border cooperation programm - "INTERREG-2." Very fruitful relationship the Union have with "FriedrichEbert" Foundation - Germany. The contacts with journalists  from  several countries are implemented within the events at EuropeanFederation of Journalists and  with International Federation of Journalists. UBJ has a very good relationships and regular exchanging of delegation with EU-member countries, as well as with South Korea, China, and almost all Middle- and Far East countris and their Journalists Associations.


Taking into consideration the traditions and capabilities of the Union, it has assumed also some social and trade-union functions. During a lot of meetings with representatives of the employers, as well as with members of the Executive, legislative and judicial authorities, UBJ has placed the protection of journalistic work and journalistic  rights.Union of Bulgarian Journalistsalso is an owner of several recreation bases  in Varna, Bankya and  Batak. There are wonderful conditions for carrying on different kind of international and national creative events, seminars and conferences.

The UBJ Managing Board President  is Mrs. Snezhana Todorova.

January 2018


This was one of the proposals made by journalists who participated in a conference on EU anti-corruption policy and its effect in Bulgaria, organized by Elena Yoncheva. EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders made a video address.


Sophia in’t Veld: "We are here to support you. We saw problems, but also a great determination of the Bulgarians to cope with the challenges. " Elena Yoncheva: "If we do not overcome corruption, we will continue to be a poor country with dependent media."


Today the President of European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen presented her annual address on the state of the Union in front of the members of the European Parliament. She stressed the need to better protect journalists, media independence and the public right to information. She announced two initiatives, which are important for media freedom and protection of journalists.


Let us be worthy of the covenant of the legendary Julius Fučik ‘People, I loved you, stay awake!’ It is Fučik’s memory that immortalizes the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists celebrated every September 8th.


The prizes of the newly establishedcompetition of the European Parliament for outstanding journalistic achievement in the name of the famous and murdered Maltese investigative journalist, Daphne Caruana Galicia will be determined by an international selection committee composed of media and civil society representatives of the 27thMember Countries in the EU.


The UBJ Managing Board strongly condemns in its declaration the actions of the authorities in Minsk insisting on international investigation of the shocking incident withthe forced landing of a passenger plane in the capital of Belarus and clarification of all circumstances around it by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It is necessary to build an explicit international legal framework to prevent such incidents in the future.


UBJ confirmsits position expressed many times in defence of the rights of journalists and journalistic work. The union stands principled in its constant assertion of ethical norms and high professional standards in journalism.


We support entirely the position expressed by the International Federation of Journalists in which the UBJ is a collective member, namely: the UN Security Council should take actions immediately to stop the purposeful and systematic attacks of Israel on media and journalists and those who are responsible for this to assume their responsibility.


It is the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Windhoek Declaration, which prompted the United Nations to declare May 3rd, World Press Day. The UBJ remind: legal guarantees for the rights of the journalists are a supporting pillar for this freedom. We know this painfully well as a country ranked 112th according to the same indicator…


The vicious practice, SLAPP, well known around the world and in our country,has no longer been applied not only by empowered political or economic factors, but also by persons who have been convicted of criminal acts. We insist that legislators should providelegal regulations as soon as possible to protect journalists from such encroachments.


An extremely negative signal to the society was given with the unfair dismissal of the lecturer at the Department of Media and Public Communications of University of National Economy (UNWE) due to the position he expressed regarding the visit of the Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov to this university on the eve of the parliamentary elections.


The UBJ will continue to defend the freedom of speech and the rights of journalists calling on the international organisations to give broader and more objective panorama of the severe situation which our media andjournalists are placed in our country.


The UBJ Managing Board expresses their concern and outrage from the verbal aggression of Toshko Yordanov – a newly elected Member of Parliament and a deputy chairman of the “There is such nation” party concerning the journalist of Nova Television, Blagoi Tsitselkov.


The UBJ Managing Board condemns in their declaration the crime as an attempt against freedom of speech.


The Union of Bulgarian Journalists as a trade union and creative organisation uniting also many women journalists follows this path together with the International Federation of Journalists and European Federation of Journalists.


On the day of commemoration of the Apostle of Freedom, Vasil Levski, let the people of speechborn to be the public conscience, check their way with his covenants. Let us not forget the words of our other hero from the same exalting epoch, Hristo Botev: "Freedom is sweet, truth is holy".


Declaration (statement) of the Management Board of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists (UBJ)


Mrs. Snezhana Todorova was re-elected as a Chairwoman of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists (UBJ).


Several journalists were injured during clashes between police and demonstrators on 2 September in Sofia, Bulgaria. The European and International Federations of Journalists (EFJ) join their affiliates in Bulgaria, the Union of Bulgarian Journalists (UBJ), in condemning the police violence against journalists and protestors.


Regarding the violence against citizens and journalists, which took place during the protest held on September 2, the President of ther UBJ Managing Board Mrs. Snezhana Todorova stated the following on the UBJ website:


"The violence against journalists is a violence against the all citizens in the country". In a special statement, the President of the UBJ Managing Board Mrs. Snezhana Todorova expressed an official position on the occasion with the violence and the aggression against the Bulgarian journalists Polina Paunova and Genka Shikerova, during the ruling party’s Conference on August, the 5, which had been hold in "Sofia Tech Park".


‘This plan will go hand in hand with the European Democracy Action Plan, which will aim to increase the sustainability of our democratic systems and strengthen the freedom and pluralism of the media.’, the Vice- President of the European Commission and European Commissioner for Values and Transparency writes in her response to the letter of the Chairperson of the UBJ, SnezhanaTodorova, from 10th April, this year,insisting that the recovery plans for Europe after the coronavirus crisis should include support for media, journalists and freedom of speech.


The Coronavirus pandemic has brought considerable human suffering and major economic disruption. The crisis is also hitting journalism and poses an existential threat to freelance journalists in Europe and around the world.


On behalf of the Managing Board of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists /UBJ/, Ms.Snezhana Todorova – Chairperson, sent a letter, addressing to the Leaders of the European Council, the European Commission, the European Parliament and all national governments of the EU Member States.


Statement of Mrs. Snezhana Todorova, Chairperson of the UBJ Mamnaging Board on the occasion of The World Press-freedom Day:


In challenging time like this, it is ever more important for journalists´ unions and associations to step up and ensure the safety and working conditions of journalists.


EFJ together with a consortium of partners led by the European Center for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) have launched a 1.4 million euros project supported by the European Commission to provide practical support for journalists and Rapid Response Mechanism to improve media freedom in Europe.


The UBJ Managing Board express its deeply indignation about the cruel attack against the Editor-in-chief of the “168 Hours” weekly newspaper - Slavi Angelov last nioght. Angelov is an investigative journalist with a lot of years professional experience.


As the media coverage of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak dominates media all over the world, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has urged media to report responsibly and avoid creating any unjustified panic that could worsen the situation.


The IFJ has recorded 49 killings of journalists and media professionals in 2019, a significant drop from 95 posted last year.


In Bulgaria, the 1th of November was celebrated as “A National Awwarriness Day”, which is also a Day of Bulgarian journalism, and was celebrated as well.


During 2019 the Union of Bulgarian Journalists /UBJ/ celebrated two remarkable anniversaries: 175 years since the beginning of Bulgarian journalism and 125 years since the establishment of the organized journalistic movement in Bulgaria.


Online hate speech is a worrying and complex phenomenon, which has deep cultural and social roots and brings new questions and challenges to the issue of freedom of expression on the internet.


Hardly anyone doubts today the media has undergone revolutionary transformation and performa ubiquitous role. Media convergence signifies not just a change, but the emergence of qualitatively new relationships between industries, markets, technologies and different types of audiences. The most striking emblem of the environment we are immersed in is social networks and their increasing impact on our life.


The UBJ Managing Board expresses its strong position in support of the BNR journalists and insists that the management contract of the BNR General Director Mr. Svetoslav Kostov be terminated on the base of administrative violations affecting freedom of expression, national security and the implementation of the Horizont program license. We urge The Council for electronic Media / CEM/ to dismiss BNR Board members as well


The ECPMF together with n-ost and the lead organisers DW Akademie and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung cordially invite you to the FoME Symposium, 2019 in Bonn on 7-8 November 2019 to discuss challenges ahead for the international media development community.


„Bulgaria will vote for a new Prosecutor General this autumn and a series of statements made by public officials against the press have raised journalists” concerns about the process, is written in a press-release, issued and distributed by IFJ/EFJ all over their affiliates. The International and European Federations of journalists (IFJ/EFJ) join their affiliate the Union of Bulgarian Journalist (UBJ) in calling for better protection of the rights of journalists and the media.


The UBJ Managing Board is deeply concerned about the opinions and statements, expressed by some prosecutor’s circles and several organizations, as well as by the sole candidate for the position of a new Prosecutor General of the Republic of Bulgaria himself, is written in a special Declaration adopted by the UBJ Managing Board.


Hundreds of delegates from journalists unions around the world adopted a new Global Charter of Ethics for Journalists at a historic International Federation of Journalists congress.


254 IFJ delegates convening in Tunis for their World Congress elected Younes MJahed of Morocco as their new President.


European journalists are facing an unprecedented crisis today. Murder of colleagues too curious for some politicians in power who use it for their own interests, concentrations of the media, attacks on the freedom to inform by the passing of repressive and restrictive laws, deterioration of working conditions and remuneration, precariousness, authors´ rights flouted: we are witnessing a historic decline in the exercise of the unprecedented profession of journalist.


The European Parliament adopted the Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market by 348 votes in favor and 274 against. A call to open the text to amendments was lost by just 5 votes.


Journalists have recently reiterated their support to the Copyright directive and renewed their calls on the European Parliament to adopt a text that ensures all journalists in the European Union will benefit from the revenues generated from the online use of their work.


IFJ disseminated the following message to its affiliates all over the world, regarding the Women Day - March, 8, 2019:


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) releases its 29th report on journalists and media staff killed in the course of their duties in 2018.


The UBJ expressed serious concerns about the adoption of The Amendments to the Law on Protection of Personal Data, by the country’s parliament.


The assault against the well known and emblematic journalist and MP Mrs. Elena Yoncheva, who have bravely exposed the authority’s abuses, is a brutal act against the political opponents and the freedom of the speech, underlined the Chairwoman of the UBJ Managing Board.


The Union of Bulgarian Journalists express its serious concern and deep indignation about the adopption of The Amendments to the Law on Protection of Personal Data, by the Parliament. The new amendments practically deprive the journalists from the possibility to exercise their profession freely.


The International and European Federations of Journalists (IFJ/EFJ), respectively the world and Europe’s largest journalists’ organisations reiterate their calls on the EU to stand up for journalism and authors’ rights, as negotiations on a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market draw to an end.


In its 29th list, the IFJ says that this year’s roll call of loss of lives to violence includes 84 journalists, cameramen, fixers and technicians who died in targeted killings, bomb attacks and cross fire incidents.


Almost two-thirds of women journalists have been subjected to online abuse according to a new survey published today. Ahead of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls (25 November), the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has published the preliminary results of its global survey on online harassment of women journalists.


Protecting journalists, as well as guaranteeing the security of every citizen, is an integral part of the foundations of democracy. The crual murder of the Bulgarian journalist Victoria Marinova in the town of Russe has shaken our entire society.


The UBJ Managing Board urges a response on the following questions: are the deputees of the Parlamentary Culture and Media Commission aware of the proposals made by our Union since more than an year ago on legislative changes concerning the defense of the journalism and a transparent media environment? Why no proposals have been made so far in that direction?


German journalist Mesale Tolu, who was held in prison in Turkey from April to December 2017 and released only on strict conditions including a travel ban, is now allowed to leave the country with her young son.


On the occasion of the unacceptable calls made by the Monitor and Telegraph - newspapers to "clear" bTV from journalists, such as Svetoslav Ivanov, Editor of the “120 Minutes” Broadcast in the same TV, the Chairwoman of the UBJ Ms. Snezhana Todorova declared the following:


Official Declaration of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists (UBJ) Managing Board:


This year the 11th CEECOM conference „Communicative Space – Political Space” was hosted by the University of Szeged, Hungary. The next meeting of the organization will be held in Sofia.


The celebration of the 125th anniversary “Organized journalistic movement in Bulgaria” will be held under the auspicies of the head of Bulgarian State – announced Mrs. Snezhana Todorova, Chair of the UBJ Managing Board.


After negotiations for a collective agreement with the Norwegian Public Broadcasting (NRK), the Norwegian Union of Journalists (NJ) managed to win on all main demands on 23 May 2018 in Oslo.


The indictment of state treason can be compared only with the dramatic persecution of Turkish or Palestinian journalists thrown behind the bars, said the UBJ Managing Board Chair, on the occasion of the arrest in Kiev of Kiril Vishinski. The journalist is a head of the news agency RIA "Novosti Ukraine" and the accusation of treason against him is on the basis of pronounced positions in his publications.


Just before opening of the the discussion “The Media crisis is a crisis of the Journalism” Jim Boumelha sent the address personally to Mrs. Snezhana Todorova, Chairperson of the UBJ Managing Board.


A delegation of about 20 young German journalists together with the Deutscher Journalisten-Verband (DJV) and Deutsche Journalisten Union (dju in ver.di) met with publishers to demand better working conditions in Berlin.


Under this title the Union of Bulgarian Journalist’s (UBJ) Managing Board is organizing a journalistic discussion on the World Press Freedom Day – May 3th.


The Media Conflicts Seminar is an international seminar focused on conflict journalism, held annually in Israel.


On the occasion of the International Day to Support the Rights of Arabs in Israel at the Union of Bulgarian Journalists Pressclub, representatives of BG media met with Ushef Jabarin, a Palestinian leader of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, a lawyer and a Palestinian MP in the Israeli Knesset.


On the occasion of the more and more worrying news about the increasingly serious problems with the freedom of speech and the rights of journalists in Bulgaria, the UBJ Managing Board President Snezhana Todorova made the following statement:


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is releasing its annual round-up of violence and abuses against journalists throughout the world. A total of 65 journalists were killed in 2017, 326 are currently in prison, and 54 are held hostage.


The Director General of UNESCO sent a letter to the UBJ Managing Board President Mrs. Snezhana Todorova.


The EU-Western Balkans Media Days that recently took place in Tirana, Albania, proved the importance of having a very firm focus on press freedom in the region where journalists are often caught in cross-fire.


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) welcomes a new UN General Assembly resolution on the safety of journalists and the issue of impunity for crimes of violence against them. RSF submitted recommendations for the resolution and urged states to approve it.


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is pleased to announce that Antoine Bernard, a human rights defender and expert in international law who was director-general of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) until last September, has been appointed RSF’s deputy director-general in charge of programmes. He will start in January.


At a solemn ceremony in the Sofia City Gallery, the traditional annual awards of the UBJ have been presented.


Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53, was known for her investigative journalism and her blog Running Commentary, which was one of the most widely read websites in Malta.


In a special Declaration both international organizations IFJ and EFJ expressed their concern about the case with Bulgarian journalist Victor Nikolaev. Its written:


UBJ strongly condemns the bluster out threats to the TV journalist Victor Nikolaev, made by GERB MP Anton Todorov and Deputy Prime Minister Valeriy Simeonov. Such manners are an open attack against the speech-reedom, which is the ground of the democracy.


This year the IFJ will celebrate World Day for Decent Work on 7 October by highlighting the challenges facing journalists´ unions in achieving decent work.


"Terrorism and the Electronic Media" was the theme of the 13-th edition of the international conference which was held in Sofia between September, 27-29.


Rajasthan Patrika announces 10th and 11th KC Kulish International awards. The award recognizes best of works in Print Media and honors the winning team with a cash prize of US$ 11 000/- and citation. Maximum of 10 meritorious entries also receive medals and certificates.


An instantly and internationally recognisable professional identification. The International Press Card (IPC) is recognised the world over and is the only press pass endorsed by national journalists´ groups in more than 130 countries.


October, 5th , Leipzig – Invitation


The award is sponsored by Dr. Erhard Busek, former Vice-Chancellor of Austria, Jean Monnet Professor ad personam, President of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe, Coordinator of the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative (SECI) and Former Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.


CEECOM 2017 Conference, Ljubljana, June 15 – 16 2017


The event will take place on July, 6th at 11.00 am in the UBJ press hall, in Sofia.


The event is organized by The Association of Koreans living in Bulgaria, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Sofia, Rainbow Plaza, free entrance.


The letter on the name of President Rumen Radev, confirmed his support for preserving the foreign language-Broadcast of the Bulgarian National Radio and underlined “…that the Head of state and his team are watching closely and engaged with the processes related the future of Radio Bulgaria".


“Our integration into the EU requires more communication, but not isolation. It is unacceptable on the eve of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council to discuss ideas, concerning the closure of “Radio Bulgaria”.


Barbara Barnett, PhD Professor in William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications - University of Kansas wrote a letter to the Union of Bulgarian Journalists. We are publishing the full text of the letter:


UBJ has invited the Bulgarian deputees to discuss the proposals for legislative changes, which aimes to make media ownership and funding more transparent, as well as to protect journalism - to insure the journalists security, to protect the media environment through a new mechanism for supporting the printed publications etc.


The Chairperson of the UBJ Managing Board Ms. Snezhana Todorova took part in the meeting and presented a book by MacGahan from the UBJ – archives.


In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is revolutionary act /George Orwell/ - the motto of the Conference.


Important documents were adopted at the recently held forum in the Romanian capital. The Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Journalists was held on May 18-19, 2017 In Bucharest, Romania.


The first night performance will be on July, 4th 2017. The Union of Bulgarian Journalists /UBJ/ is a media – partner of the Sofia Opera Theater.


We have extended the deadline for applications for the next cycle of our Journalists-in-Residence (JiR) Programme.


On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day on 3 May, European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani commented: “As a former journalist, I know that being able to work independently is essential. Without this freedom there cannot be political scrutiny, transparency, fight again corruption, good governance, freedom of decision.


To mark the International Workers´ Day on 1 May, Philippe Leruth, IFJ president, said: “For journalism to retain its role as the fourth pillar of democracy, we need strong unions to defend our rights” “May Day is an opportunity for the IFJ to stand by its affiliates and reaffirm the advantages of being part of a union. We encourage all our affiliates to mark May day by demonstrating the importance of being part of a union and making recrutment of all journalists a priority”.


The journalistic conference is under the title: ”The freedom depends on you!" and will take place on May, 3th, at 10:00 a.m., in the Press Club "Journalist" in Sofia.


The European Union and Balkans region continues to be the one where the media are freest, although its regional indicator (of the overall level of constraints and violations) registered the biggest increase in the past year: +3.8 percent.


The ECPMF’s Journalists-in-Residence Programme offers media workers under threat a safe environment to rest, recover and continue their journalistic work. The deadline to apply is 12 May 2017.


This campaign as a priority for 2017/18. A dedicated website will provide access to all the information – briefings, facts, lobbying notes, visuals - needed to enable affiliates to join the campaign. More than 35% of women worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual violence.


Better contracts, more transparency in payments and a fair share of remuneration for journalists: these are on top of the agenda for the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) in the latest consultation on the EU copyright directive. The EFJ is putting forward important amendments to the proposed new rights for internet publishers.


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През 2022-ра ще се навършат 30 години, откакто загубихме изтъкнатия фотограф Тодор Славчев, запечатал в образи и голяма част от историята на СБЖ. Нека си спомним отново за него и да отдадем дължимото на забележителния му принос във фотографията.

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Университетска изследователка от Хонконг предлага обширен анализ на приноса за възраждането на журналистиката на фактите от страна на филипинската журналистка и издателка Мария Реса, която тази година бе отличена с Нобелова награда за мир заедно с руския си колега Дмитрий Муратов.

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Известният френски журналист, писател и интелектуалец с националистически дискурс Ерик Земур обяви официално, че влиза в надпреварата за президент на Франция на изборите догодина и ще се опита да „изсели“ Макрон от Елисейския дворец. Новината обиколи всички световни информационни агенции, след като Земур с летящ старт обяви кандидатурата си.

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Второ знаково отстраняване от в. „Дума” на емблематична журналистка в рамките на два дни буди сериозна тревога за нови нива в посегателството над свободата на словото и правата на журналистите в България. Редно е и правителството да се произнесе, защото тревожните действия идват от сила, представена в него.

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Апелираме към колегията да се присъедини към петицията в защита на Велиана Христова и към други солидарни действия, с които заедно да отстоим свободата на словото и журналистическите права.

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Компетентните органи трябва да реагират незабавно на информацията за заплаха срещу главния редактор на BIRD Атанас Чобанов. В световен мащаб острата реакция срещу посегателства над журналисти също е мерило за демокрацията – от погромите срещу медии в Казахстан до разправата с разобличителя от „Уикилийкс” Джулиан Асандж

10.01.2022 /08:57


„Чистката” във в. „Дума” е опасен симптом и за правата на журналистите, и за обществената търпимост към посегателства срещу критични гласове.

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