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Union of  Bulgarian Journalists/UBJ/ is the largest and most authoritative journalist’s organization  in Bulgaria.  The Union is a voluntary association of Bulgarian journalists to protect their own professional, social and trade union rights and interests. The UBJ activity is targeted at the free exercise of the right to seek, receive and impart information, the right of free expression and dissemination a wareness, as well as the  prevention of censorship.



The main goals of the Bulgarian Union of  Journalists are as follows:

1.Promotion and enhancing the role of professional journalism in the society; 2.Adherence to professional standards and rules of professional ethics; 3.Providing and protection the media freedom, independence and autonomy; 4.                     Expressing the common interests of Bulgarian journalists to the government, municipal and business authorities and all other bodies in Bulgaria and abroad; 5.Development and expanding the international cooperation in the field of professional journalism.



TheGoverning body of  UBJ is the Managing Board. The number of all members of the UBJ are about 4500 journalists, united in 156 societies all over the country. The real acting journalists, member of the UBJ are about 1800. Members of UBJ  are also freelancers, retired media-workers, students of journalism etc. About 200 new candidates are applying every year for membership in UBJ.



Еvery year, on the occasion of November  1st - the Day of Bulgarian Revival Leaders, UBJ handed the Annual journalism awards,as well as the  highest prize "The Golden Pen". With celebrations -  under the auspice of UNESCO -  in 2014 Union of Bulgarian Journalists marked 170 years Bulgarian journalism and  120 years organized journalistic movement in the country




Union of Bulgarian Journalists has established contractual relationships with journalists associations from 51 countries of the world. The priorities of the international activities  has always been the relations and cooperation with journalists'unions from the EU-member states and the Balkan countries. UBJ was a partner in several joint projects with the Union of Journalists of Northern Greece, basedinThessalonikiq Serbia, Romania etc. The projects has been was granted by the trans-border cooperation programm - "INTERREG-2." Very fruitful relationship the Union have with "FriedrichEbert" Foundation - Germany. The contacts with journalists  from  several countries are implemented within the events at EuropeanFederation of Journalists and  with International Federation of Journalists. UBJ has a very good relationships and regular exchanging of delegation with EU-member countries, as well as with South Korea, China, and almost all Middle- and Far East countris and their Journalists Associations.


Taking into consideration the traditions and capabilities of the Union, it has assumed also some social and trade-union functions. During a lot of meetings with representatives of the employers, as well as with members of the Executive, legislative and judicial authorities, UBJ has placed the protection of journalistic work and journalistic  rights.Union of Bulgarian Journalistsalso is an owner of several recreation bases  in Varna, Bankya and  Batak. There are wonderful conditions for carrying on different kind of international and national creative events, seminars and conferences.

The UBJ Managing Board President  is Mrs. Snezhana Todorova.

Chief Secretary of the UBJ is Mr. Ivan Varbanov.

January 2018


The indictment of state treason can be compared only with the dramatic persecution of Turkish or Palestinian journalists thrown behind the bars, said the UBJ Managing Board Chair, on the occasion of the arrest in Kiev of Kiril Vishinski. The journalist is a head of the news agency RIA "Novosti Ukraine" and the accusation of treason against him is on the basis of pronounced positions in his publications.


Just before opening of the the discussion “The Media crisis is a crisis of the Journalism” Jim Boumelha sent the address personally to Mrs. Snezhana Todorova, Chairperson of the UBJ Managing Board.


A delegation of about 20 young German journalists together with the Deutscher Journalisten-Verband (DJV) and Deutsche Journalisten Union (dju in ver.di) met with publishers to demand better working conditions in Berlin.


Under this title the Union of Bulgarian Journalist’s (UBJ) Managing Board is organizing a journalistic discussion on the World Press Freedom Day – May 3th.


The Media Conflicts Seminar is an international seminar focused on conflict journalism, held annually in Israel.


On the occasion of the International Day to Support the Rights of Arabs in Israel at the Union of Bulgarian Journalists Pressclub, representatives of BG media met with Ushef Jabarin, a Palestinian leader of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, a lawyer and a Palestinian MP in the Israeli Knesset.


On the occasion of the more and more worrying news about the increasingly serious problems with the freedom of speech and the rights of journalists in Bulgaria, the UBJ Managing Board President Snezhana Todorova made the following statement:


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is releasing its annual round-up of violence and abuses against journalists throughout the world. A total of 65 journalists were killed in 2017, 326 are currently in prison, and 54 are held hostage.


The Director General of UNESCO sent a letter to the UBJ Managing Board President Mrs. Snezhana Todorova.


The EU-Western Balkans Media Days that recently took place in Tirana, Albania, proved the importance of having a very firm focus on press freedom in the region where journalists are often caught in cross-fire.


 Правни въпроси и отговори

На въпроси, засягащи трудовите права на журналистите, отговаря доцентът по трудово и осигурително право Андрей Александров

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 Акценти и позиции

Отправеното му обвинение в държавна измяна може да се сравни само с драматичните гонения срещу хвърлените зад решетките турски или палестински журналисти, смята председателят на УС на СБЖ

17.05.2018 /12:15

По повод нападението над разследващия журналист Христо Гешов Управителният съвет на Съюза на българските журналисти изразява своето възмущение и осъжда този акт на насилие.

15.05.2018 /14:37

На 3 май 2018 година – Световния ден на свободата на пресата (World Press Freedom Day), УС на Съюза на българските журналисти организира журналистическа дискусия на тема: „Кризата в медиите - криза в журналистиката!”. По този повод до участниците във форума отправи специално приветствие вицепрезидентът на Международната федерация на журналистите ДЖИМ БЮМЕЛА.

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Стотици, хиляди столичани утре ще се отправят за Борисовата година, за да отпразнуват 1 май, а заедно с това и Деня на вестник „Дума” и на левия печат.

30.04.2018 /18:12 | Автор: Константин Иванов | Източник: СБЖ

Прославената членка на СЕМ заведе съдебен иск за обида срещу известния журналист и депутат. Искът й е за 23 000 лв. Тя се почувствала „обидена и огорчена” от изказвания на Симов от парламентарната трибуна и от негови публикации, в които той реагира на отправени от Жотева заплахи към друг журналист заради зададен й въпрос

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