Prof. Philip Panayotov has gone. Bow before his bright memory!

  • 15.06.2023
  • UBJ
  • Kadrinka Kadrinova
Prof. Philip Panayotov

One of the most prestigious researchers of the history of Bulgarian journalism, the long-time lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications, the author of many books, the founder of the newspaper "ABV" prof. Philip Panayotov has died on June 14, announced his family.

Prof. Panayotov was just a few months away from his 90th anniversary, which the Union of Bulgarian Journalists and the media guild were preparing to mark in the proper manner for his contribution and the deep respect that generations of journalists had for their beloved teacher.

The loss of prof. Philip Panayotov causes great pain in the souls of all who respected and loved him, and leaves a huge gap in Bulgarian journalism. There is no one else like him, not only in intellect, knowledge and outstanding books, but also in his ability to unobtrusively, ethically, calmly, cleverly tell truths that we all need. "Quiet but strong" - that is how the famous journalist and his former student Velislava Dareva, now devastated by his loss, succinctly characterizes him.

Rest in peace, professor! You will always be with us! A deep bow!

The UBJ expresses its condolences to the family and close relatives and friends of prof. Philip Panayotov. Blessed be his memory!